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Friday, January 07, 2011 Aimee Larsen 12 Comments

I had the hardest time finding a planner that I loved and then I found the perfect one at our local General Dollar store.  A $2 planner that was perfect needed a new cover.  The aqua plastic just would not do.  Here are the pieces you'll need for a planner that measures 6" x 9" approx. 

Cut 2 ~ 13" x 10" main fabric pieces
Cut 2 ~ 13" X 10" fusible interfacing (I use Pellon 809/Decor Bond)
Cut 2 ~ 11" x 10" coordinating fabric pieces for inside/side pockets.
Cut 2 ~ 5" x 5" coordinating fabric pieces for inside square pocket.
Cut 1 ~ 4" x 18" coordinating fabric piece for ruffle in front.
Cut 1 ~ 3" x 10" coordinating fabric piece for strip over ruffle.
Cut 1 ~ 1.5" x 10" fusible interfacing
Cut 1 ~ 3.5" x  10" fusible interfacing
Cut 1 ~ 2" x 2" scrap piece of fabric for 1" covered button.
Cut 1 ~ 4" piece of elastic
Cut 1 ~ 9" x 4" piece of vinyl (optional)

Iron: 13" x 10" fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the main fabric pieces. Iron 1.5" strip of interfacing down the middle/wrong side of the 3" x 10" strip and fold excess fabric towards the middle.  Fold  11" x 10" fabric in half to form a folded 5.5" x 10" piece of fabric for pockets.

Sew & Iron: Stitch 4" by 18" fabric down the middle with a long basting stitch for ruffling.  Pull ruffle until it is 10" long and press flat.  For further instructions on ruffling, visit here.  Also sew 5" x 5" squares with right sides together, leaving an 2" opening, turn out and press.  See images below.

Sew the 1.5" strip of fabric over the center of the ruffle to lock ruffle in place.  See image below.

Iron the 3.5" x 10" fusible interfacing to the back of the ruffle and fold edges in neatly.

Lay ruffle right side down 3.5" from edge of outside of main fabric and pin carefully.  You can put the ruffle anywhere on the front of your planner.  I like mine near the edge.   Sew the ruffle down on each side to the front of your planner.

You may also pin your vinyl to the opposite side of your main fabric panel.  Save paper and stitch over paper, around the edges.  Mark off every 3" to form the pockets.  You will have 3 pockets the length of the 9" piece of vinyl.  Your pocket should look like this below.  Leave the openings of your pocket near the outer edge of main piece of fabric.

After you have sewn the front of your planner, you will now work on the inside pockets.  You should have turned out your pocket that you will sew to the main pocket as shown below.  I like to trim my pockets whenever possible, here I added a bit of red and polka-dots to the top.  Don't forget to sew your pen pocket approx 1" from the edge. The hole let in the bottom for turning out will now be sewn closed.

Now, lay out your pockets to the other main piece of fabric as shown below.  You should have around a 2" gap between the pockets. 

I always like to line up my planner to see how it's going to look before I finish sewing it up.

Next you will need to position your elastic.  You can use whatever type of elastic you prefer.  I have found these silicone elastic hair bands to work perfectly.  Be sure your elastic loop lays over the small inside pocket as shown.  The middle of course is 5".

Pin your planner  with right sides together.  Leave at least a 4" opening to turn your planner inside out when you have finished sewing.  4" is a tight squeeze but works.

Sew around your planner with an approx. 1/4" seam, you may sew a slightly larger seam allowance if you wish, 3/8" works well too.  Trim corners and turn out.

Now, let's iron the cover nice and neat and make a button.

Sew your button onto the front of your planner where it is a comfortable placement for your elastic.  You can use whatever type of button you like.  I have tons of vintage that I like to use as well.  Stitch the opening that was left closed.  You can use a whip stitch but I like this method, it hides the thread.

And you are finished!

The possibilities of these are endless.  I have found mine holds my Kindle and my planner.



  1. Aimee, these are fantastic! I hope I can make one to look as good as yours! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. This is great! I can't wait to make one.

  3. Lovely, Amy. All the details are so fun.

  4. you are so smart. i love your blog!

  5. I love this!!! I am going to try it out for my not-so-attractive planner.

  6. Hello Aimee,
    thank you for this lovely planner tut.
    Greats from germany

  7. That is so pretty and I love the printable tutorial- what a great addition! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  8. Very cute! Thanks for the tutorial. Glad your hubby is OK.

  9. I found the exact planner at our local Dollar General. I didn't care for the cover(s) either, but bought one anyway b/c it was such a bargain. I even bought one for each of my 5 kids! I had already covered mine with somewhat attractive contact paper, but this is soooo much better, so I'm already digging thru my fabric! Thanks so much!

  10. Thanks. Can't wait to try it.

  11. I have the same planner in pink... and it is so handy for its size but it looks so ugly... this year I decided to upgrade... So I went to barnes and noble and couldn't find one that I truly loved... So I am gong back to the cheap planner and make myself your planner cover it is so pretty!!! Thanks for sharing!


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